Chasing stories

Pat McGee Pictures is an independent production company founded by executive producer Pat McGee in 2013 based in Los Angeles, CA.

Pat, a Michigan transplant, has been passionately telling stories in television for over twenty years, both as a showrunner and creator. 

2018 had PMP's world premiere for its independent feature documentary film, "American Relapse" at the 2018 Rhode Island International Film Festival. 

VICE Media's TV network, VICELAND picked up the 10 episode docu-series, "American Junkie" based on Pat McGee Pictures' "American Relapse." Pat McGee Pictures teamed with VICELAND and T Group Productions to produce the 10 episode series which is set to premiere in 2018 on VICELAND. 

In 2017, Pat and his team delivered the second season of his original documentary series, "24 to Life" to A&E Networks. PMP served as the co-production company, and he as the showrunner/executive producer. PMP also sold original documentary projects to National Geographic and Viceland. 

Pat McGee’s experience includes working with T-Group as Senior Vice President of Development and as an in-house Executive Producer. Prior to his stint at T-Group, he served as showrunner for National Geographic Channel’s “Filthy Riches.”

From 2009 – 2012, Patrick ran Bigfoot Television Studios based out of Cebu, Philippines, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and California. He started as the Head of Television for Bigfoot Studios, was promoted to CEO of Bigfoot Productions, and then took over as the Head of Programming / Creative for Bigfoot’s sister company, Fashion One Network.

Producing both at home and abroad, Patrick has developed a unique area of expertise directing and showrunning in challenging and off-the-grid locations, producing shows in almost every conceivable field location -- underwater, deserted islands, volcanoes, the Arctic and even dense jungles. Whether it’s Nome, Alaska or Palawan, Philippines, he has assembled a talented international production company willing to go wherever the story takes them.


Contact: 310.739.0295


Representation by Kristin Peace, Kaplan Stahler Agency